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SOLDER-IT™ SolderPro 100

$ 56.99 USD

The SOLDERPRO 100 is a butane-powered, portable, multi-function heat tool.

- Equivalent to a power range from 30 to 100 Watts.

- Cordless. Simple and safe operation under any conditions, anywhere.

- Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition.

- Tank contains fuel for 120 minutes of operation.

- Comfortable ribbed grip.

- No electrical interference.

- Comes with soldering tip and vented protective safety cap.


Length w/cap: 233 mm (9.2 in)

Length w/soldering tip: 215 mm (8.5 in)

Weight (when gas-filled): 142 g

Approximate Temperature - Soldering Tip: 250~500°C (480~950°F)

Approximate Temperature - Torch: 1300°C(2400°F)

Approximate Temperature - Hot Knife: 200~350°C(400~600°F)

Approximate Temperature - Heat Blower: 250~500°C(480~950°F)

Gas container capacity: 20 mL

Operating Time (one gas filling): 120 min at mid setting