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SOLDER-IT™ PT-500 Pro Torch

$ 56.99 USD

The PT-500 is an automatic-ignition, butane-powered pro-torch.

- State of the art Waterproof Piezo Electronic Ignition System

- Large Fuel Tank of 200 minutes use on each filling.

- Powerful High Output Wind-Resistant flame.

- Ergonomic designed comfortable grip.

- Angled nozzle to properly direct flame.

- Easily refilled with any brand of butane gas.

- Flame adjustment for the most demanding applications.


Height: 177 mm (7.0 in)

Length: 120 mm (4.73 in)

Grip Diameter: 45 mm (1.78 in)

Base: 65 mm (2.56 in)

Weight (without fuel): 460 g (empty)

Fuel: Butane

Hours of nonstop Burning: 200 minutes (mid. setting)

Flame Temperature: 1350°C (blue flame)

Possible Applications:

- Brazing

- Soldering

- Dental Repairs

- Plumbing

- Tool and Die Shops

- Electronic Repairs

- Automotive and Truck Repairs

- Industrial Maintenance

- Model Engineering