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SOLDER-IT™ Catalytic Converter Cleaner

$ 12.99 USD

• Catalytic Converter Cleaner and Deodorizer helps eliminate offensive “rotten egg” odor.

• May help in passing emissions control test! • Extends time between tuneups.

• Helps clean oxygen sensor. For use with all catalytic converters monolithic and pelletized types.

A clogged or restricted converter can decrease fuel efficiency, rob horsepower, cause engine overheating and premature engine wear.

DIRECTIONS: Add contents to gas tank (funnel recommended) and drive until nearly empty before refilling tank with fuel. Repeat every 6,000 miles or twice yearly. Use entire contents. For faster results, run engine until fully warm. Remove air cleaner with engine running at a fast idle. Pour contents through the carburetor throat. Replace air cleaner. Dispose in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.