Solder Pastes
Aluminum/Pot Metal Paste

Aluminum/Pot Metal Paste

Aluminum/Pot Metal Solder Paste is a solder-flux-paste alloy which is self-cleaning, self-tinning and self-joining all in one easy operation.

- Ready to use - flux blended in - just add heat!

- No Mess, No Waste Syringe that works with the heat of a torch or soldering iron. No additional flux required.

- Use with butane torch, soldering iron, propane, acetylene or mapp gas torch.

- Great for Hobbyists

- Professional Repair of Aluminum Radiators, A/C condensers & Refrigeration

- Solders Aluminum to Aluminum and Aluminum to other metals

- Repairs Pot Metals, White Metal & Pewter

- Low melting point - flows smoothly at 395°F, re-melts at 650°F

- Aluminum Struts and Muffler Repair

- Lithium Ion Battery tabs

- Excellent for joining dissimilar gauges of metal (thick to thin)

- Color match is ideal on aluminum

- Made in USA